Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Me ? Change ?

Alhamdulillah thanks Allah for the PMR result. At first, I just could target 6A only for PMR. And I never expected to be like this. I was touched with Allah for granting my prayer. Anyway, i dont want to very proud of this because there is SPM, the biggest examination wait for me. From the survey I carry out on the internet, I found many students who get 5A UPSR do not get 8A PMR. Oh no, scary you know ! rilek luuuu. Why I'm a very panic hah?! sorry to say.

Automatically, I will start a new life by migrating to a better direction than before. Sorry if I made you want vomitting wekk hihihi. To all people who consider me as their friend, good luck for ur future. Always move ahead, and never turn back. Wassalam.